Towards a Common Future

AMWAJ provides enabling conditions for media and researchers to connect, empowering a new generation of reporters, experts and decision-makers with the knowledge and skills to understand and communicate key aspects of water and energy issues.


AMWAJ bridges the gap between science, policy-making and society and contributes to the development of new discourses in the domain of the environment to accelerate sustainable development around the  Mediterranean region.  

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Beirut 2020

Media Corner

A Biannual Conference Bringing Together Research, Media and Policy

AMWAJ forum started under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Hassan of Jordan and PepsiCo MENA in 2016 and travsersed the Mediterranean in 2018 to Barcelona with the Government of Catalonia, the European Investment Bank and other partners.


Bringing together hundreds of young profesional journalists, researchers, businesses and policymakers, AMWAJ is spearheading the move to make sustainability and resilience a reality around the Mediterranean. Join the avantguard of the next generation leading the way in Beirut 2020!

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