Building a Mediterranean Water and Energy Community

Building a Mediterranean Water and Energy Community

To communicate accurately and effectively the value of water and energy in society and to constructively policy-making, AMWAJ promotes and produces articles, photo essays, videos, exhibitions, reports, events, training, and other multimedia material.  


To encourage public awareness about sustainability interlinkages and to advance social entrepreneurship, AMWAJ stands for A Mediterranean Water And Journalism platform that is focused on water scarcity and energy challenges while identifying young talent that help provide innovative game-changing next generation solutions. 

AMWAJ's beginnings

AMWAJ is a regional incubator and facilitator for sustainable development that encourages an exchange of ideas and knowledge. AMWAJ brings together a movement of hundreds of young professional journalists, researchers and entrepreneurs from the shared geographic space of the 43 countries that comprise the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM).


Under the patronage of HRH Prince Hassan of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and with the support of PepsiCo MENA, the first AMWAJ forum took place in Amman, Jordan, on 28-29 November 2016. The second edition occurred in Barcelona, 29-30 October 2018, with the support of the Generalitat (Government of Catalonia), Almar Water Solutions, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and others.  

Future Work

The next editions of AMWAJ activities will most likely coincide with the following regional events:  


2019 – Cairo Water Week  

2020 – Beirut Water Week  


The platform’s specific objectives are:  


  • To present technical and scientific data and policy arguments in clear, accessible language, allowing different target groups to gain an understanding of major themes that dominate the water management debate in the region. 
  • To empower youth to address past and current water issues from a fresh perspective and to increase their opportunities to influence the future of water. 
  • To encourage intercultural exchange around the sea through the shared challenge of growing water scarcity and to create a strong, sustainable platform for advocacy and awareness of water issues.

Founder’s Statement

Stuart Reigeluth, Founder of REVOLVE

Connecting environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship, AMWAJ is an international forum bringing together young professional journalists, researchers, policy-makers and business leaders to advance sustainable development around the Euro-Mediterranean and Middle East regions.

AMWAJ stands for A Mediterranean Water And Journalism forum on sustainable development (AMWAJ). In Arabic, the word AMWAJ translates to “waves” and refers to the waves of water and energy, the ebb and flow of history back and forth across the sea, the movement of people and goods, the positive potential for investments and building momentum together. We are grateful to all our partners for making the first AMWAJ Forum a tremendous success in Amman, Jordan, and for seeing the value of continuing this journey together. We hosted AMWAJ in Barcelona (Spain) in 2018 and aim to bring the forum to Cairo (Jordan) in 2019 and to Tunis (Tunisia) in 2020 — each time, connecting the sea a little more.

Based on the following highlights, you will see the great impact of having panel discussions, media workshops, a field trip to see a real solution – the largest public-private partnership (PPP) wastewater plant in the Middle East – interviews, videos and other articles that created a valuable cluster-and-ripple effect of communicating sustainability in different language and countries with our participants. We also presented the Water Around the Mediterranean report that includes contributions from young professional journalists and researchers from a variety of countries. This report is the flagship publication of our non-profit Revolve Water that communicates the value of water as a central theme to addressing environmental, climate, agriculture, and urban challenges. In an era of growing water scarcity, we need more solutions and AMWAJ helps show the solutions that currently exist and identifies new and innovative ideas and projects that help advance sustainability. The PepsiCo Social Impact Award was pitoval in bringing young entrepreneurs together to pitch their projects to their peers and investors with the triple bottom line of sustainability as a prerequisite for success: what is good for the environment is good for society and can be great for business.