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Water Around the Mediterranean 2017

In association with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) the 2017 Revolve Water Around the Mediterranean report takes you through a journey with thematic sections, interviews with water specialists, dedicated photo essays, unique maps, and in-depth features by researchers and young professionals from around the sea and beyond on the following topics:

Water Scarcity & Security

  • Water Scarcity and Security in the Mediterranean
  • On Water Security in the MENA Region

Water Access & Availability

  • Towards Equitable Access to Water and Sanitation
  • Water Sharing in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean

Governance & Diplomacy

  • Strengthening Transboundary Water Cooperation

Food & Agriculture

Water Around the Mediterranean 2016

The 2016 Revolve Water Around the Mediterranean report explores how countries in the Mediterranean and Middle East are coping with a growing water crisis. With in-depth articles that are accompanied by maps, infographics and other visuals, the report provides a local perspective on pressing regional issues:


  • 8 themed sections spanning Spain to Saudi Arabia
  • 6 countries covered
  • 2 languages: Arabic & English
  • Contributors from Albania, Lebanon, Italy, Egypt and more

Learn more about water shortages in Spain’s farming sector, the controversy around the damming of Albanian rivers, Saudi Arabia’s struggle with wasteful water use and a fog collection project in Morocco that has increased water availability in remote mountain villages.

Revolve Water will present its annual Water Around the Mediterranean report at the AMWAJ Forum in Amman, Jordan, on 28-29 November 2016.

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